PdH students 38th cycle

Claudia Brasile

Research field: Study on the integration between drivers and the road with innovative technologies

Nicola Ferri

Research field: Sustainability, environment and health

Claudia Giannone

Research field: Sustainability, environment and health

Rahat Tufail

Research field: Green strategies for energy smart farming

Augusto Hubaide Nozella

Research field: Valorization of common pest plants through the study of their phytochemical and biological activities

Raffaele Grieco

Research field: Development of skills to support the formulation of public policies and the planning of decision-making processes and promotion activities in the field of environmental quality and territorial resilience of settlement systems

Thomas Montebugnoli

Research field: Innovation and nutritional improvement of agri-food products

Yue Huang

Research field: New biotecnologies applied to truffle cultivation

Zhengyang Xu

Research field: Optimization of Urban green Space planning to improve health and wellbeing