Research topics

The research domains and topics of the PhD

The PhD programme has a strongly transdisciplinary character, aiming at meeting the growing demand from the social, productive and institutional context for researchers, decision makers and policy makers capable of systematizing the various scientific and professional domains in the field of HEALTH, SAFETY and GREEN SYSTEMS. The PhD programme aims to train specialists in relation to specific thematic areas related to complex problems, aggregating -with a strongly integrated approach- disciplines and methodologies related to different scientific fields. In particular, with reference to concepts like urban health, health-focused green systems, promotion of physical activity, rehabilitation, better health and active living in urban environments, the PhD programme is clearly focused on sustainability issues, addressing various of the UN sustainable development goals. The central disciplines of the Phd are as follows: medical and health profession sciences, botanical-pharmaceutical sciences, chemical extraction sciences, toxicology, phytocosmetical and nutritional sciences, agricultural sciences, architectural and civil and environmental engineering sciences, in their different articulations (food production and processing, production, management and design issues related to green systems and urban and territorial systems), and in their mutual relations. The PhD course thus consists of different complementary areas, developed cross-cutting the thematic clusters related to health, safety, and green systems: prevention and promotion of health and safety in the areas of living, working, caring, recreation and sociality; recycling of vegetable matrices for developing new products for the drug, phytocosmetics and food supplements industry; quality control of food supplements based on medicinal herbs or other raw materials; toxicity and safety of no-food supplements and environment; production, design and sustainable management of green areas; resilient cities; biodiversity and ecosystem services; spatial planning.