PhD students 39th cycle

Laura Caggiu

Research field: Resilience and quality of territorial systems

Elisa Milandri

Research field: Instrumental methods for the analysis of drugs and other psychotropic compounds in biological and non-biological samples

Ilaria Versari

Research field: Ethnobotany as a tool to determine intra-urban biodiversity and identify potential bioactive plants

Maria Scoppolini Massini

Research field: A physical activity intervention to reduce sedentary behavior at work and increase well-being

Anton Zakurin

Research field: Biological-molecular characterization of phytopathogenic bacteria in phloem habitat

Simona Trincia

Research field: A role for Phospholipase C family enzymes in lung cancer

Shakir Kamran

Research area: personalised medicine for diabetic foot disease: From healing to remission: offloading in the transition phase to permanent footwear

Sarlak Hadi

Research area: personalised medicine for diabetic foot disease: The best factory-made shoe for the moderate to high-risk diabetic patient

Zixin Zhao

Research area: Health focused design of green areas and open spaces

Nie Tian

Research area: Impact Absorbing Pavements with Improved Accessibility Features

Kussai Alrini

Research area: Sustainable Bio-pavements for Low-emitting Urban Surfaces