Activities carried out by the PhD students

PhD students can carry out research in the field, in the laboratory, in productive and territorial levels, etc, based on the chosen topic for the PhD thesis. Research and training projects are based on integrated multidisciplinary contributions that bring together the methods, approaches, languages and knowledge of different scientific areas, and those at the interface at the base of the "health - safety - green systems" nexus. PhD students will be included in specific interdisciplinary research projects, result of a collaboration between the different scientific areas involved, also through specific agreements regarding the topics of the PhD programme activated in collaboration with different institutions. These collaborative activities aim to promote specialization in individual specific areas, and at the same time to develop such in-depth studies within a research design suitable to allow a high level of integration for enhancing transdisciplinary relationships and overcoming sectoral visions. In order to foster collaboration between different disciplinary knowledge, each PhD student is assigned, according to his/her background and specific research interests, to two or more supervisors belonging to the different subject areas, who will work together in order to support and stimulate an interdisciplinary approach throughout the student's path. Joint meetings for the presentation of the activities conducted by the PhD students allow to foster the discussion and exchange between the various PhD students and professors/researchers from an interdisciplinary point of view.