PhD students 37th cycle

Giorgia Antonelli

Research field: Healthy foods, the gut and the immune system: a mechanistic overview on food-derived compounds with implication on the capacity to restrain inflammation

Luca Cotignoli

Research field: Performance evaluation of materials from reuse and recycling in transport infrastructures

Francesca Gorini

Research field: Epigenetic changes in ovarian cancer patients after physical exercise

Marianna Olivadese

Research field: Advanced systems and techniques for the promotion and conservation of monumental trees

Roberto Tedeschi

Research field: Taking care of the patient with Osteoarthritis: Education in the correct lifestyle and rehabilitation paths

Priyanka Rao

Research field: Big data and "healthy cities": regeneration of urban contexts, green systems and safe and healthy lifestyles

Giusy Tespio

Research field: Anti-doping analysis in sports: new methods on biological samples to protect athlete health and safety

Andrea Zaniboni

Research field: Spatial analyses with Geographic Information Systems

Simone Graziosi

Research field: Innovation in the production of mycorrhizal truffle plants

Alessandro Quadri

Research field: Territorial resilience and green regeneration in climate change and post-pandemic scenarios

Luana Scrivano

Research field: Ensuring that active mobility is a healthy option: brain and body health benefits and risks of active commuting in Emilia Romagna, IT

Mattia Trenta

Research field: Study of vegetation to be used in urban regeneration to increase resilience