PhD students 36th cycle

Shahad Hasan Flayyih Al-Rikabi

Research field: Computational Fluid Dynamics applied to indoor and outdoor environments

Sofia Gasperini

Research field: Innovation and Sustainability in Genetic Toxicology

Silvia Giagio

Research field: Health promotion in the workplace. From prevention to rehabilitation

Laura Beatrice Mattioli

Research field: Irritable Bowel Syndrome and nutraceuticals: intervention beyond the food and before the drugs

Milad Reyhani

Research field: Environmental life cycle assessment of green systems

Enrica Santolini

Research field: Modelling, simulations and monitoring for sustainable plant and animal production system through precision techniques

Valentina Sallustio

Research field: Vegetable waste: functional ingredients and “green” excipients in dermocosmetics