The PhD is the third level of education within the Italian academic system. It provides the skills needed to do top-level research at the University or at public and private institutes.

HEALTH, SAFETY AND GREEN SYSTEMS: The PhD programme of the Imola district of the University of Bologna 

With a conceptual and methodological approach unique of its kind, the PhD program trains researchersdecision makers and policy makers capable of integrating planning of sustainable urban projects and activities for the promotion of health and quality of life.

These new cross-sector professional figures will have transdisciplinary analysis and vision skills, in order to lead complex investigation and decision-making processes, with important impacts on the reduction of direct and indirect costs in the health care and land government fields, and thus of economic growth. 

This highly interdisciplinary project has been designed to train experts capable of systematizing various scientific and professional domains in the field of health, safety and green systems