The PhD program at a glance


The PhD programme allows to develop innovative approaches, aggregating disciplines and methodologies related to medical and health care sciences (prevention and promotion of health and safety in living, working, caring, recreation and sociality places), agricultural sciences, architectural and civil and environmental engineering sciences, in their different articulations (food production and processing, production, management and design issues related to green systems and urban and territorial systems), botanical-pharmaceutical sciences, and environmental toxicology.

The PhD project is aimed to study the interface between the issues of safety, health, green systems and landscape quality, and further explore the multiple relationships at the basis of the "health-green systems" nexus, consistently with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

The PhD is open to graduates in various fields, such as landscape architecture and planning, geography, natural sciences, horticultural, agricultural, and forestry sciences, health sciences, etc., with the aim to make them participate in a highly-interdisciplinary work, also through a pool of supervisors expert in different scientific fields.

Each PhD student will develop an interdisciplinary project that will be decided together with his/her supervisors. Each project will start from the background of each PhD student, but will have a strong interdisciplinary approach, considering the landscape, planning, health, and green systems domains. 


Departments involved: 

-Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences 

-Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

-Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology

-Department of Surgical and Medical Sciences 

-Department of Architecture.

- Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering 


Agreements with foreign universities and research institutes will allow to promote international mobility and facilitate the integration of young researchers in the international scientific community and to issue double PhD degrees.