PhD Scholarship

PhD Scolarship

Each scholarship amounts to approx. € 16.243 gross per year (14.000,00 net) and is paid on a monthly basis. The amount of the grant is increased by 50% during visits abroad of no less than 1 month and no more than 12 months. The full-time scholarships will be assigned to the best applicants on a competitive basis. 

Additional types of financial support

Additional types of financial support


Marco Polo Scholarship

The Marco Polo tender encourages the scientific training abroad for Ph.D. students enrolled in STAAA doctoral programme. The call supported by DISTAL Department opens twice a year and offers to the best PhD students an extra financial support for their training period outside Italy.


Every academic year ISA, the Unibo Institute of Advanced Studies, supports the best PhD students with the PhD@ISA call: an annual lodging call for international students enrolled in a PhD programme at the University of Bologna.

Further funding opportunities

There are several funding opportunities. In order to stay updated, please visit the STAAA and UNIBO webpages.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees

Regional fee, stamp duties and insurance costs will be withheld each year from the first monthly grant. This amount is established on a yearly basis. Actually this amount is equal to Euro 157,04, unless there are changes in national and regional legislation.