STAAA PhD students enrolled in the second year have a right to an annual amount of € 1,624, which is the so-called “10% budget” dedicated to supporting their national and international research activities (see article 13.6 of the Regulation), beginning in their second year of study (which officially begins on November 1st). At the beginning of the third year of the STAAA doctoral programme, the same amount is made available once more, and this is added to what remains of the amount awarded for research carried out in the second year of study. Within DISTAL department, this budget must be directly provided by each own supervisor. The deadline for making use of these funds is October 31st of the following academic year.

Please note that PhD students receiving their funding from foreign countries are not entitled to the 10% budget; the same is true for PhD students coming in order to carry out a Joint Research PhD Thesis at the moment of enrolment, unless special funding for this purpose has been set aside. Otherwise, for industrial Ph.D. students (employees of firms and bodies), 10% budget must be directly provided by the each own company/body.

The 10% budget should be preferably used for covering travel expenses related to research periods and participation to courses/congresses in Italy and abroad.