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Final defence for Ph.D. candidates enrolled at the 32nd cycle of the PhD Programme in STAAA was held between March 17th, and April 2nd, 2020 in different sessions depending on respective research topic.

  • Research topic “Animal Science” (March 17th, 2020, h. 11:00)

    PhD student: Francesca Romana Massacci

    Committe Members

    Prof. Paolo Bosi

    Prof. Charlotte Lauridsen

    Prof. Héctor Argüello 

    Prof. Pierre Capy

  • Research topic “Food Science and Biotechnology” (March 20th, 2020, h. 10:00)

       PhD students: Giulia Baldi, Michael Magnani, Rosa Palagano, Chenglin Zhu  

Committe Members

Prof. Lucia Vannini

Prof. Maurizio Servili

Prof. Mario Estevez



  • Research topics “Microbial Ecology and Plant Pathology” & “Production Systems, Fruit, Forest and Ornamental Trees and Grape” (March 27th, 2020, h. 10:00)

    PhD students: Zeinab Alsaheli, Nicole Bozzi Cionci, Matteo Calassanzio, Francesca Negrini, Ivana Nikodinoska, Nicola Sangiorgi

    Committe Members

    Prof. Maddalena Rossi

    Prof. Massimo Reverberi

    Prof. Roberta Roberti

    Prof. Gherardo Chirici

  • Research topic "Agricultural Engineering” (March 27th, 2020, h. 15:00)

    PhD student: Nicolò Regazzi

    Committe Members

    Prof. Gabriele Baroni

    Prof. Angelo Fabbri

    Prof. Alberto Barbaresi

  • Research topic “Agronomy, Herbaceous Crops, Flowers and Vegetables Systems, Agricultural Genetics and Agricultural Chemistry” (April 1st, 2020, h. 10:00)

    PhD students: Abid Ali, Giuseppe Emanuele Condorelli, Eder Licieri Groli, Daniele Madrioli, Martina Mazzon, Andrea Parenti, Emanuela Simonetti

    Committe Members

    Prof. Claudio Ciavatta

    Prof. Cesare Accinelli

    Prof. Silvio Salvi

  • Research topics "International Cooperation and Sustainable Development Policies" and "Agricultural and Food Economics and Policy” (April 2nd, 2020, h. 14:00)

       PhD students: Laura García Herrero, Francesco Cavazza, Maitiniyazi Shalamujiang


Committe Members


Prof. Antonella Samoggia

Prof. Anna Irene De Luca


Prof. Rodolfo M. Nayga, Jr.

The Doctoral Degree Conferment Ceremony for Ph.D. candidates enrolled at 31st cycle has been taken place on June 21th, 2019 in the Aula Magna Santa Lucia in Bologna.

Doctoral degree conferment ceremony 2019 (short video)