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Final defence for Ph.D. candidates enrolled at the 32nd cycle of the PhD Programme in STAAA will be scheduled between March 16th, and April 15th, 2020 in different sessions depending on respective research topic.

The Doctoral Degree Conferment Ceremony for Ph.D. candidates enrolled at 31st cycle has been taken place on June 21th, 2019 in the Aula Magna Santa Lucia in Bologna.

Doctoral degree conferment ceremony 2019 (short video)

Our Ph.D. candidates enrolled at 31st cycle, following the positive opinion of the external evaluators, defended their thesis between March 20th and April 10th, 2019 as follows: 

  • Research topics “Microbial Ecology and Plant Pathology” & “Agricultural Entomology” (DISTAL, Aula 9, Viale Fanin 48, Bologna - March 20th, 2019, h. 10:00)

    PhD students: Greta Battistini, Hillary Righini, Yuri Zambon, Carlo Tassini

    Committe Members

    Prof. Alberto Vicari

    Prof. Carlo Poggi Pollini

    Prof. Fabio Sgolastra

  • Research topic “Agricultural and Food Economics and Policy” (DISTAL, Aula Seminari Estimo, Viale Fanin 50 (III floor), Bologna - March 20th, 2019, h. 10:00)

    PhD students: Beatrice Biondi, Christopher Karl Köhr, Vilma Xhakollari

    Committe Members

    Prof. Alessandra Castellini

    Prof. Anna Gaviglio

    Prof. Stefania Troiano

  • Research topic “Production Systems, Fruit, Forest and Ornamental Trees and Grape” (DISTAL, Aula 8, Viale Fanin 48, Bologna - March 29th, 2019, h. 10:00)

    PhD students: Alexandra Boini, Kushtrim Bresilla, Giulio Demetrio Perulli

    Committe Members

    Prof. Boris Basile

    Prof. Bartolomeo Dichio

    Prof. Davide Maltoni

    • Research topic “Food Science and Biotechnology” (DISTAL, Aula Magna, Piazza Goidanich 60, Cesena - April 5th, 2019, h. 10:00)

      PhD students: Antonio Castro Marín, Wei Luo, Cinzia Mannozzi, Swathi Sirisha Nallan Chakravartula

      Committe Members

      Prof. Andrea Versari

      Prof. Davide Barbanti

      Prof. Antonio Piga

      Prof. Francesca Masino

    • Research topic “Animal Science” (DISTAL, Aula Zootecnica, Viale Fanin 46 (II floor), Bologna - April 5th, 2019, h. 11:00)

      PhD students: Claudia Geraci, Marco Zampiga

      Committe Members

      Prof. Paolo Bosi

      Prof. Riccardo Bozzi

      Prof. Achille Schiavone

    • Research topic "Agricultural Engineering” (DISTAL, e-learning room, Viale Fanin 50 (V floor), Bologna - April 9th, 2019, h. 11:00)

      PhD students: Marta Luppi, Andrea Ciuffoli, Enrica Santolini

      Committe Members

      Prof. Daniele Torreggiani

      Prof. Giuseppe Zimbalatti

      Prof. Simona Consoli

    • Research topic “Agronomy, Herbaceous Crops, Flowers and Vegetables Systems, Agricultural Genetics and Agricultural Chemistry” (DISTAL, Sala Baldoni, Via Fanin 44, Bologna - April 10th, 2019, h. 10:00)

      PhD students: Rocco Enrico Sferrazza, Danara Ormanbekova

      Committe Members

      Prof. Marco Bitelli

      Prof.ssa Elisabetta Frascaroli

      Prof. Silvio Salvi