PhD students enrolled at the 36th cycle

At the end of their 3-year programme, Ph.D. candidates enrolled at the 36th cycle of the PhD Programme in STAAA must follow the next steps during the next months to obtain their Ph.D. title:

1. positive evaluation by the Ph.D. Board on the activities carried out during the 3-year programme (within end of Sept. 2023)

2. final exam application (deadline Oct. 12th, 2023)

3. thesis submission for revision (deadline Oct. 31th, 2023)

4. thesis submission for final defence (deadline Mid of Feb. 2024)

5. final defence (scheduled between March 15th, and April 15th, 2024)

However, due to Covid-19 emergence, some PhD students obtained an extension of 3 months for thesis submission and deadlines are reported in the table below.