A special programme is available for enterprises in order to cofunding PhD postions thanks to PNRR

All information are available on the following webpage:

Companies can establish joint research and training activities with our doctoral Programme, working on research topics of common interest.

Companies which want to finance one or more PhD scholarship shall send a funding proposal, to be followed by the signature of a draft contract in a single solution or in three instalments, regulating the established partnership between University of Bologna and the company. 

The company accepts the commitment to finance a three-year scholarship for STAAA Ph.D. programme amounting € 40,000. The scholarships financed by companies will be included in the competition, according to the existing regulations and particular provisions set out in the Regulations for the Doctoral Research Programmes at University of Bologna. To start on next November 2023, the preliminary agreement must be signed before 15th June, 2023, in order to  manage it within the selection procedure for the relevant public call for PhD positions.

tax credit for Italian companies may be available for the scholarships (see also file uploaded in the box on the right side of this webpage).

If you are interested in developing a specific research topic of interest for your company or institution in any of the areas covered by the DISTAL Department, please contact the Ph.D. Coordinator.


Animine (2021-2024)

Agribioenergia (2023-2026)

Canale Emiliano Romagnolo - Consorzio CER (2023-2026)

CHN (2023-2026)

CLAI (2023-2026)

Consorzio Bestack (2023-2026)

Cooperativa Edile Appennino (2023-2026)

ENI (2023-2026)

Germina (2023-2026)

Finapp (2023-2026)

Olitalia (2023-2026)

Zespri (2023-2026)